If you have been refused planning permission, it does not have to be the end of the road for your proposed development, as you can always pursue the appeals process. There is a right of appeal against most local authority decisions on planning permission and other planning decisions, such as advertisement consent, listed building consent, prior approval of permitted development rights, and enforcement. We are here to help you through the appeal process. We will use our knowledge and expertise to try and get the planning decision overturned. If we think your planning appeal is unlikely to succeed, we will be honest about the situation and provide realistic guidance to help you in the matter.

You can appeal a planning decision if either:
  • you disagree with the decision
  • the decision wasn’t made within the statutory 8 week period (13 weeks for major applications)
  • you disagree with the conditions attached to a planning permission.

Appeals are made to the Secretary of State and must be submitted within six months of the application being decided otherwise the appeal is not valid.

A written procedure is the most common way of proceeding with an appeal. We will submit on your behalf:

  • a copy of your original application
  • a copy of the site ownership certificate
  • a copy of the local planning authority’s decision notice
  • a map of the surrounding area
  • copies of all plans, drawings and documents you sent to the local planning authority
  • any other documents that directly support your appeal, eg: your full statement of case

There is no fee to lodge an appeal and once your appeal has been validated, the planning inspector will consider all the written evidence that is made available and will also visit the site. You’ll normally get a decision within approximately 19 weeks.