We routinely carry out simple structural appraisals of buildings of all types on behalf of owners and tenants. When you buy a property it is important to know that the value is correct and that there are no risks associated with the structure which might lead to unplanned expenses. Our experience of most forms of building construction also means that we can often advise you verbally on what the likely structural problems of a building of a particular age and construction are. We are happy to give this initial advice free of charge.

We will provide a complete service which includes:
  • Thoroughly inspecting the existing structure.
  • Review any relevant documents and drawings in respect of the property
  • Prepare a report outlining the risks associated with the structure of the building

Your new home, extension or loft conversion may also require structural calculations. Any structural alteration made to a building will need Structural calculations to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations and also to help builders price accurately for the work involved.

These include:

  • Removal of structural walls and insertion of beams/columns for an extension or alterations to domestic properties
  • Loft conversions and the insertion of dormer windows
  • Re-inforced concrete beams/slabs/lintels
  • Foundation design for various projects where the ground is not adequate to take a strip foundation
  • Retaining walls and basement design
  • Structural glass design

When producing the architectural drawings we factor in certain aspects regarding layout at this stage to make the structural design as simple and cost-effective as possible. This includes:

  • Positioning and layouts of large openings including staircases/gallery landings/voids
  • Maximum spanning of structural walls to accommodate standard sized floor joists
  • Position and orientation of potential beams/columns.
  • Selecting proper type of footing to accommodate ground conditions