3D visualisation technologies have enabled us to make improvements to many aspects of our creative process; from the initial sketch on paper to preparing the blueprint for construction and creating a design that is visually and aesthetically pleasing. We know that the 3D visualisation are a quick way to resolve decisions and envisage the development a lot easier. By generating the building in 3D  including all its contents, you can see your new proposed layout exactly as it will be built. It can all show what different materials used in the design will look like and give a better understanding as to how these materials fit into the overall scheme and landscape.  It can be pictured with much richer detail and better understanding than traditional 2D technical plans. These visuals can also accompany an application to the local council to show with extreme accuracy, not only what a development will look like externally but also the visual impact on the neighbouring properties and surroundings.

We provide a range of 3D Visualisations and internal renders:
  • HD full colour rendered images showing the external areas of the property using Google SketchUp
  • HD full colour rendered images showing the internal areas of the property using Autodesk Revit
  • 3D Models
  • Animated walkthroughs using Lumion

3D visualisations help you avoid paying for work you don’t want. Having a clear understanding of your project before construction begins is the best method to significantly reduce the problem of unnecessary charges.

3D visuals can also be used for marketing purposes and can be inserted into brochures or site advertisement boards if required. This can make any presentation more professional and give prospective purchasers a real sense of what they are intending to buy.

We can offer this service over and above any Planning and Building Regulation drawings.

Examples of Animated Walkthroughs